Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some of 2011's Bests

With the CCA 2012 shortlist coming out soon, let's look back on some great books published in 2011 for kids and teens.

Anya's Ghost, by Vera Brosgol is the story of first-generation immigrant Anya and her new friend, a ghost. It examines the problems of adjusting to a new culture and the pain and pressure of trying to fit in. Anya accidentally falls down a well and discovers a ghost who then comes home with her. Emily, the ghost, becomes Anya's confidant and friend, and begins offering Anya advice on clothing, dating, and school. A menacing turn will surprise readers and keep them engaged. This is a fast-paced story, both sardonic and touching, matched with equally impressive artwork, and a great read for young teens! Check out the book trailer below!

Okay for Now, a sequel to The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt is a treat and a struggle. Doug Swieteck, an illiterate eighth grader moves with his family to a small town outside of New York City, where his dad takes a job in a factory. The story follows Doug as he learns to read and draw, make friends, and deal with very serious life issues. The story is tied to a parallel story about the economic role of a book of original Audubon bird prints in the town and are included as illustrations. Doug’s unfailing optimism in the face of unending conflict is heart-warming. Though Schmidt tackles too many themes for one book and ties in one too many unlikely storylines, this coming-of-age tale is exciting and sweet.


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