Thursday, October 13, 2011

PA Young Reader's Choice Awards

Last year, as we dove into the CCAs with excitement, we learned that the state of Pennsylvania, specifically the  PSLA (Pennsylvania School Libraries Association) also offers a similar award state-wide called the PA Young Reader's Choice Award.   Most of their audience seems to be in the north-east and eastern parts of the state however.  Though a handful of school libraries in our area do participate.  It's also broader; they have categories for YA, 6th-8th grade, 3rd-6th, and K-3rd.  I'll be looking into the possibility of working together.

We are continuing with the 2nd year of the CCAs to allow kids in grades 4-7 in Allegheny County to choose their favorite book of the year and promote reading for fun with our AIU3 and Allegheny County partners.  There are definitely some helpful resources on the website, including a PDF of ideas on great ways to promote a program like this.  As you're speaking with your schools about this program, be sure to distinguish it from the state's program to avoid confusion.