Monday, September 19, 2011

Star Wars Crafts Recap and GIVEAWAY!

Hey yinz.  Adaena Tray here from Green Tree Public Library.  Our library recently offered a Star Wars Crafts program for school-age children that was such a hit, I wanted to to share it here.  Also, keep reading for your chance to win supplies to host your own Star Wars Crafts.

My inspiration for this craft program was The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton.  I found the book to have several kid-friendly crafts that could be done with larger groups and using supplies most libraries already own. There are currently 13 copies of this book in the catalog, so finding one shouldn't be a problem!

The crafts that we ended up doing were the Chewbacca tissue paper holder and the Yoda stick puppet.

For the Chewbacca tissue paper holder, I asked each kid to bring in his/her own square, upright tissue box (either full or empty).  First, the participants used a thick paint brush to brush a layer of tacky glue onto their box.  Next, the kids adhered pre-cut rectangles of brown fur fabric to the box, wrapping it like a present and leaving an opening at the top for the tissue to pop out.  Then, they glued the pre-cut bandolier across his body and cut about ten gray squares to go on this belt.  They formed their own eyes, mouth, and teeth from felt squares we provided.  Lastly, they glued on a pom-pom nose.  Since our library only owned a handful of scissors suitable for cutting felt, I asked that each participant bring in their own set of scissors.  Parents were required to stick around for this program to help with the cutting; grown-ups had just as much fun as the kids!

We also did a no-sew, stick version of the book's Yoda finger puppet.  All the templates are provided in the back of the book.  Our volunteers cut out a whopping 72 Yodas!  Pre-assembly is a must for this craft if you are working with little ones. Children started by coloring a popsicle stick green with a regular marker.  Then, they sandwiched this stick between two Yoda felt shapes, gluing it all together using tacky glue.  For this craft, each child received his/her own .66 ounce mini bottle of tacky glue, which I found at Joann Fabrics.  Then they added an undershirt to Yoda's robe, trimming it from a square of gray felt. The robe itself was pre-cut, so they just went ahead and glued that on too.  The nose and mouth were cut out by the children from green and red felt.  A set of small googly-eyes completed our stick puppet Yoda.

Our first Star Wars Crafts program filled up so fast, we offered a repeat performance a few days later.  However, as I'm sure you all can relate to, we had a bunch of no-shows and now are left with a slue of unused supplies. 

In the spririt of cooperation and giving, I'd like to offer these supplies to another public library.  So, I'm holding a STAR WARS CRAFTS GIVEAWAY. The winner of this giveaway will receive both example crafts, 20 cute sandwich bags of Yoda parts and 20 lunch bags filled with Chewie parts (including fur that sheds - be warned!) The only additional supplies that will be needed are: tacky glue, paint brushes, tissue boxes and scissors. These bags take up a lot of space, so unfortunately they wouldn't be able to ship through delivery, meaning the winner would have to drop by GTPL to pick them up. 

To participate in this giveaway, please leave a comment on this blog post that includes your name, the library where you work and a short description of the best craft and/or craft program you've ever offered!  The winner will be selected via a random number generator and will be notified via email. 

Use the FORCE!


Donelle said...

Donelle Mayausky
Castle Shannon Library

I love the tissue box. It almost makes me want to be sick so I can cuddle with it on the couch all day.
Our Childrens Librarian Heather Anderson did a Stepping Stone craft this summer that was so popular she had to offer it again in the beginning of the school year. I loved how each child decorated the stones in their own cool way.

Joanna said...

Adaena, you are so darn crafty...I love it! One of our best craft programs here at the Pleasant Hills Library was a few years ago when we had a Twilight party. As you can only imagine it was a big hit! The girls really loved making their own buttons - of Edward and Jacob, or course! We also made red duct tape flowers. Our Trim-the-Tree program late last November also brought in the crowds as we made ornaments for the library tree and ornaments for kids to take home.
Joanna Heywood
Pleasant Hills Library

Dolores said...

Hi Adaena...thanks for sharing and love the Star Wars crafts!! SO ADORABLE! I think one of the most popular crafts came at Halloween when we made a "Halloween in a Box" scene from a shoebox. We covered the shoebox in black paper and "built" our scene inside...hanging skeletons, creepy trees from twigs, gravestones from cardboard covered in tissue paper and a graveyard fence from a strawberry container painted black. It was so popular at Brentwood that I'm offering it here at Shaler this fall :)
Dolores Colarosa
Shaler North Hills Library

Mary Planiczki said...

These really are the cutest crafts. The kids would love anything Star Wars! Does anyone know if there is a group in Pgh that dresses up like the characters from Star Wars and would come to an event?

South Park Library

Rachel said...

I actually just ordered this book, so, I'm excited to see all the possibilities.

I made play-doh with kids ages 5-14,and everyone had a great time helping me measure and mix. The best was watching them try to get the exact color they wanted. 'no, that doesn't look gross enough', for example.

Rachel Brehm
Braddock Carnegie Library

Elizabeth / Mt. Lebanon said...

I love these ideas! I am looking for some inspiration for programs and this is perfect. Feel free to throw more inspiration out there!
One of my favorite (and easiest crafts) was when we had a Fancy Nancy program and the kids made wands. Ellison stars & hearts taped to straws. Lots of stickers, jewels and glitter. The kids love it (boys & girls alike).

The Children's Librarians said...

I have hosted a Star Wars Fan Fest for the past two years! I love to use these crafts for my upcoming Fan Fest next month. This year's theme center's the Episode VI RotJ.
I host an all day event for activities for older kids (4th Grade and up) and younger kids (1st-3rd). We have a pizza party for lunch and we'll watch the movie to finish off the day. If anyone has any other suggestions for games or activities, I would welcome them!

Clothes Karma said...

Thank you to everyone for participating in this fun giveaway. The winner of the contest is...Mary Planiczki! Congrats Mary, I'll be getting in touch with you!

Cynthia said...

Great craft! I'm doing a Star Wars program over December break, and I was very glad to see that you had success with the Yoda craft. I've ordered the book, too. Thanks!

Southington Library