Friday, September 16, 2011

2011-2012 ACLA Youth Services Interns

Hi! We're Caitie Morphew and Leah Picker, the new ACLA Youth Services Interns for 2011-2012. We made a short video to introduce ourselves- check it out below!

Leah is a transplant from Connecticut by way of Vassar College, and more recently, Brooklyn New York. Her favorite books as a child were The Velveteen Rabbit and Bulfinch's Mythology. She has an awesome grey tabby cat who will be assisting her in future book reviews.

Caitie is from Boulder, Colorado and a recent graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. Her favorite books were Where the Wild Things Are, Pippi Longstocking, and Harriet the Spy. She loves to explore, geo-cache, and make crafty things.


wallin, inc. said...

It's good to see that moose and stegosauruses have joined forces in Pittsburgh. Together, you will be unstoppable.

Way to start the year with a super video!

-- Rebekah, ACLA intern alum