Monday, August 8, 2011

The New Cooper-Siegel Library

You probably haven't had a chance to get out to the brand new Cooper Siegel Library yet.  It's worth heading out to see.  But if you can't peel yourself away from your library, here are a few shots to give you a taste of this wonderful new space!

Front Entrance

Fun pillows and seating in the Children's Department

The Children's Department 

Craft Room with Fun Colorful Floor Tiles

One Side of Double-Sided Fireplace and Seating Area

Other Side of Double-Sided Fireplace and Seating Area

Courtyard and Garden

Patio with Great Rocking Chairs Looking Out Onto The Courtyard 

Great Light All Throughout the Building

Stained Glass Lion Brought Over From the Old Building 

The Reference Desk

Bookshelves and Seating

Plenty of Room for Staff in the Work Room

Thank you, Susan and Melanie for the Tour!