Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to Shop!

If you've never heard of Cafe Press - hold onto your seats!  It's this amazing website where you can design your own promotional items and then share the link and anyone can buy them!  Easy peazy, lemon squeezy!  So of course, we've created some designs with RC!

Like this women's tee shirt!

Or this onesie!

Or (and I just ordered this myself!) this canvas bag!

Get your orders in now and share the link with the public!


Lindsey said...

Kelley, these are AWESOME!!! I am totally buying a tote bag, too!! And possibly a tshirt...And I think Adaena should get the dog shirt for Rufus :)

Rachel said...

Love love love this!!! :D

Kelley B said...

Thanks, guys! I bought the tote bag last week - can't wait till it gets here! Have you guys seen the billboards yet? Squee!