Monday, May 9, 2011

SRC 2011 Logo

So our new sweet logo is getting ready to burst onto the scene in Allegheny County.  His website, his Flickr account, his Twitter feed and his Facebook page (not live yet) are all poised to go live mid-May.  And I encourage you to link to any and all of those sites whenever you can!  As part of all of that, we're producing a few extra things for you to use at your library to help promote him.  Remember, he's going to be on 12 billboards around the county so kids are going to be coming in and asking about him!  Be ready!  One of the print-ready items we've created is a coloring page for little ones to put their own spin on RC.  You can find it, along with all the files of the logo here on the wiki!  Feel free to use RC with wild abandon!