Sunday, May 8, 2011

Programming Idea

Director and KidLib Extraordinaire, Adaena Tray recently shared a program they put on at Green Tree Public Library on gnomes.  She was kind enough to share some of the activities and crafts from the program.  Yay for gnomes!  She also noted that gnomes originated in Germany so this is perfect for SRC 2011 with its One World Many Stories theme!  Here are the highlights:

  • The program is great for children in grades K-2nd grade.
  • Arrange stations around the room, each about a different gnome element
  • Make a gnome Hershey Kiss (kids can write non-valentine messages)
  • Create pointy fashion hats!  Glue red felt triangles to kids' party hats.
  • Design garden gnome habitats.  Kids stick a precut block of flora foam into a styrofoam bowl, add moss or Easter grass, tape popsicle sticks to gnome foam shapes from Oriental Trading, and stick into the floral foam.  
  • Create snack bags of 'gnome food' which consist of raisins, marshmallows and oats.  You can even make a sign that reads 'Gnomes Need to Eat Too!  Fill a plastic treat bag full of gnome nourishment!  Marshmallows give extra fluff and whiteness to gnome beards!  Oats provide energy for fighting off squirrels and other garden enemies.  Raisins keep gnomes plump and happy!'  Adaena even shared that one little guy at her program ate a marshmallow and then kept feeling for a beard on his chin!
  • Gnome bowling!  Take a $5 plastic bowling set and decorate with googly eyes, felt beards and red hats.
  • Each kid gets a favor at the end filled with DIY gnome buttons, gnome temporary tattoos (from Oriental Trading), Gnomeo and Juliet stickers and other gnome goodies.  


Susan Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing Adaena! Love the idea of a gnome party. I am already planning to use it at one of my weekly SRC meetings for 1st graders.

Rachel said...

This is so much fun! What an awesome the gnomes. Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

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