Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever Thought of Surveying Parents about Programming?

I was just reading Darien Library's blog and saw that they have a survey out for parents about their youth services programming and I thought - what a great idea!  Here are some possible questions to ask:

  • What programs have you/your child attended in the past few months at the library? (I'd design this as a list from which responders can choose.)
  • How old is your child/are your children?
  • Are you satisfied with how we divide programs by age? (Create a list of the age-divisions of your particular programming-do you divide toddlers a certain way, school children, tweens/teens?)
  • What days/times work best for programs?  (This is another place to offer a matrix of choices.)  I'd also, if you're willing, ask about after-hours programs.  Many libraries have great success with Friday night and Saturday night programs for families.  
  • Why do you come to the library for programs?  (Another spot for a list from which to choose- great way to see what the public sees as your strengths!)
  • What do you take away from programming at the library? (Another list from which to choose with options like literacy skills, book suggestions, mere happiness!)
  • What types of programs interest you most?  (A list of choices here too!)
  • Any suggestions, changes or improvements that'd you'd like to see regarding programming?  (Perhaps here's a chance for you to test out some of your own new ideas to see if people might be on the same page.)
I'm always a fan of offering a raffle prize for those who fill out the survey - gets more people to participate!  And I bet a gas card would go a long way!!