Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Standardized anxiety

Recent hype over the documentary entitled "Race to Nowhere" has politicians, parents and educators all chiming in on the state of affairs in public schools throughout the nation.  Filmmakers posit that the country's current emphasis on standardized testing and outcome-based learning has created an educational climate which is responsible for burning students out.  The film argues that swarms of anxiety riddled and unmotivated students are the actual product of public education in America today. 

The following clip features the story of one Pennsylvania mother who requested that her children be allowed to opt out of this year's test.  It also contains an interview by State Senator Vincent Hughes, who supports testing as the best means through which policy makers can ensure a return on the resources they allocate towards public education.  I guess my only question after watching this video clip is where do libraries fit into this debate?  How are we, as prominent members in the information community, helping parents and students deal with the stress of the impending testing season?  Feel free to chime in a toot your own horn.  I would love to hear some great examples of how you all are impacting the communities in which you work!