Friday, April 15, 2011

Children's Book Apps and Ebooks

Some of you might be wondering, "What are these book app thingys you keep talking about?"  In this post I would like to share a few examples of exciting children's book apps and ebooks, plus provide some helpful resources where you can find out more.

Most of the following books are listed among the 10 noteworthy titles on The Best Children's Books on the iPad, recently published on The New York Times Gadgetwise blog (compiled by Warren Buckleitner, the guy in the video I posted last week).  These are also among Kirkus Reviews Top Ten iPad Storybook Apps for 2010.

#1:  The Three Little Pigs

#2:  Bartleby's Book of Buttons

#3:  The Peddler of Gushing Cross

For more good ideas on where to find reviews of iPad book apps, check out Monica Edinger's blog Educating Alice.  For thoughts from the publishing world, check out Storytime Goes Digital, the summary of a conversation that recently took place at the Tools of Change conference.  Also, Lorraine posted this link a few weeks ago, but I wanted to point out School Library Journal's great article about evaluating books apps.

The question remains... how will all this affect public libraries?  What do you think? 

-- Rebekah


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