Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer Reading Gets Branded

Everyone knows how branding with logos works, right?  I mean, we all know 

Well, meet Allegheny County's new Summer Reading logo:
The 2011 Summer Reading Planning Team and a super cool ad agency, Chemistry, worked hard this fall and winter to come up with a logo that would attract the attention of parents and kids alike in a new way.  Together we created RC (as in "Reading Creature") and we're hoping you'll fall in love with him as much as we have.  We've made 9 file formats of RC available to you here on the wiki to encourage every library in the county to use him with wild abandon!  We have secured 7 billboards around the county on which RC will appear during May and June along some of the major highways and byways.   Chemistry has also helped us create a brand new Summer Reading Website where we'll feature tips and tricks for parents on how important it is for children to read during the summer as well as interactive elements like pictures, videos, booklists and weekly 'picks' (website to go live in May; I'll share the link soon.)  The website will ultimately rely heavily on content contributed by kids, parents and YOU, our faithful, energetic librarians!  So any pictures, stories, book reviews, videos you've got, send 'em over to me and we'll get them up on the site. I'd also love to hear any ideas you might have about posts!   

Since we want RC (and ultimately the news about Summer Reading @ the Library) to be everywhere, we're kicking the PR into high gear and getting RC his own Twitter account, Flickr account, and Facebook page (all currently in-the-works.)  We're also looking into getting him made into a plushie so we can do a 'Where's RC?' initiative this summer.  Trust me, this guy is going to be EVERYwhere and that means families are going to be hyper-aware that our libraries are where it's at as far as reading this summer and every summer!

So please count RC in as you create PR to promote your SRC this year - it'll be great for families to see him on billboards, see him on the website and then come to your library and see him there!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I love RC! What a great idea. I can't wait to use him for SRC, totally makes me want to start making SRC flyers right now.

As for ideas? I would love to see libraries write posts about their programs from RC's perspective this summer. Such a fun way to get creative!

Excellent work, ACLA!

Shannon @ Green Tree

Katie said...

hi Youth Services,

wondering what the copyright issues (if any) are in making your own RC? i would like to make myself one to put on my desk at work



Creative and Curious Kids! said...

Glad to find your blog!