Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer Reader - Pennsylvania Specific Webinars (this comes to you from the latest Compendium)

Evanced Solutions offers ongoing webinars on the Summer Reader software.  A selection of Pennsylvania only webinars are outlined below.  Learn about new features, maintaining Summer Reader, using the software for book clubs.  Archived webinars will also be available to Pennsylvania public libraries.

Pennsylvania Summer Reader training dates are now available.  Please click the link associated with the date and time of your choice to register. 

If you cannot attend the webinars below, recorded versions are available.  Links to those recorded versions are located within the training descriptions.  Evanced Solutions also offers Summer Reader 201 and 301 live training webinars open to all customers on their website.

201 Summer Reader Sessions: This session is intended for Staff Members to understand their day to day roles with in the Summer Reader Program. Administrators are encouraged to complete this class to understand the core of the Summer Reader Program before configuring the system.   Recordings of this session can be found online.

301 Summer Reader Sessions: This session is intended for Administrators only. This will give detail into setting up the Summer Reader Program including authentication setup, email setup, RSS feeds, style sheets, and more.  Recordings of this session will be available the first week of March and can be found here.

401 Summer Reader Sessions:  This session is intended for Administrators and provides details about closing reading programs at their completion and archiving to create a "clean slate" for new programs.  Recordings of this session will be posted shortly here.
If you have any questions about these trainings, please contact Christine Ayar Illichmann, Coordinator of Customer Experience at Evanced Solutions by phone 317-352-2188 ext 111 or by email at cillichmann(at)evancedsolutions(dot)com.