Sunday, March 6, 2011

Readin' and Trackin' Children's Books

To hop on the coattails of Rebekah's post on why we adults should read children's books, I want to talk a little about my own reading of children's books.  I keep a Shelfari account to keep track of all the children's and teen books I'm reading (vs. where I keep track of all the 'grown-up' books I read on GoodReads, which many of you are on as well!)  and I tag books with a small handful of labels like starredreview, bestbooks2010, storytime, readaloud etc.  And while the 'to read' shelf gets longer and longer - I happily add books anytime I see one that appeals to me or might make sense on a list I'm working on.  

Shelfari and GoodReads are very similar, but for me - most of my friends and professional connections are on GoodReads so my experience there is more than just a great way to organize and track what reading, it's wonderfully social, fun and engaging!  Whereas I use Shelfari mostly to track the children's books I'm reading.  I know someday, when I'm back working in a library with real patrons, I'm going to rely on my Shelfari account for easy readers' advisory because, I'm not sure about you guys, but I get pretty stumped when I'm on-the-spot to find the perfect book when a mother and son are standing in front of me at the desk.  It could be just me - but I feel like I suddenly can't think of any book other than Harry Potter!  So I know that Shelfari would be an amazing tool when I'm back with the people.