Tuesday, March 1, 2011

c4n y0u r34d 7hi5?

Young adults today are using language differently, according to a recent CNN article.

Communicating through texting often requires shortening words and phrases to the bare essentials.  It creates an entire new vocabulary of shorthand phrases.  Do you know some of these common abbreviations?  

lol ru idk wtf bbiab brb gtg idk pos aisi asl btw imo jk rofl ppl omg thx kit
(These are strung together completely nonsensically.)

For those of us who live or work with teenagers, it might be valuable to learn some of the new slang.  To assist with our education, there are online slang dictionaries and other resources available, such as the Teen Chat Decoder.

Another creative way of communicating is leetspeak.

Leet, or "1337," is a code language originally used by computer savvy programmers and gamers, which is now entering the mainstream.  It is becoming more common for teens to chat using this code, since its keeps parents and teachers away.  If you're curious to find out more, you can practice using the Leet Translator.   

Have fun codebreaking!

-- Rebekah