Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer Reading/eVanced Information

The 2011 Early Literacy Manual is now available to download
While each Pennsylvania public library receives a copy of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Manual for children, teens, and adult program, a separate manual for Early Literacy has been created and is now available as a download on the CSLP website. 

Sign in or join for access to the 2011 Early Literacy Manual under the "Downloads" section.  Logos, PSAs (Public Service Announcements), artwork plus more is available for your use. 

Pennsylvania currently has 237 members on the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) website.  Become a member to discover additional resources available.  Membership dues are paid by Commonwealth Libraries on behalf of the public libraries in the state.

Evanced Solutions' Summer Reader
Funding for 2011 has been budgeted.  Evanced Solutions will be upgrading and adding new enhancements to the Summer Reader software on Monday, March 7, 2011 and information will be sent to all users via an e-mail newsletter. 

The main changes include:
  • CSLP graphics for 2011 will be loaded
  • A mobile web interface will be available
  • A point-and-click style editor will be added
  • The ability to specify the exact prize a patron should be awarded will be available
Important information:
Please note that the upgrade will cause style sheets from previous years to NOT be compatible with the newest version of the product. 
For more information, read this blog post from Evanced Solutions:  The style sheets impact your saved templates. 

Free webinars are also available on an ongoing basis.
Sign up here.  For libraries that aren't currently using Summer Reader, please sign up here.

Remember, this software may be used all year by any group that wants to track information on more than just the Summer Reading Program.  Book Clubs, Teen Advisory Reading Groups, special events involving reading materials can all make use of this software. 

If your library has not used the software in the past and would like to begin using it this summer, sign up now so your staff and volunteers have a chance to try it out before summer. For more information contact Anne Kruger akruger(at)state(dot)pa(dot)us.