Thursday, January 20, 2011

Increased SRC 2011 Grocery Cart Money

Good News on this dreary day where we're all waiting for yet another winter storm!  The Grocery Cart Funds for District Libraries has been increased from $200 to $300 (District Library Branches go from $50 to $100.)  CLP's fund will also go up from $1,500 to $2,000 (that fund is divided, handled and assigned by Megan Fogt.)  Libraries may still use your money at one of the designated vendors (find them here on the wiki.)   or to hire a performer or program from the ACLA Program Directory here

This year, for accounting purposes, we're making a few tweaks to how we handle the Grocery Cart funds.  We are asking each library (CLP included) to submit a budget plan to ACLA.  That form is being sent out via email. Also, for each vendor, there is a vendor form which must be filled out in order to receive a PO to use your funds there. All of that is on the wiki.  Last year I was buried in paper work and numbers trying to figure out who bought what where.  And you all know how I love numbers!