Thursday, December 2, 2010

SRC 2011 Grocery Cart Budgets

It's that time again - time to begin thinking about SRC 2011!  Like last year, we'll be providing Grocery Cart money to each library and location (with the exception of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh who will be provided funds through Georgene so all CLP branches will work through Georgene to plan programs.)  All the information you'll need is here on the wiki.

As last year was our first year trying out this approach, we've made a few changes to help streamline the paperwork for both the ACLA Office and me.  Three changes to be aware of:
  • As requested, I've added Oriental Trading as a vendor for incentives/supplies
  • For each vendor purchase, libraries will need to fill out a vendor form for a purchase order for each vendor you use.  The PO will be emailed to you along other vital information about using each particular vendor.
  • If you are spending all or a portion of your Grocery Cart funds on a program/performer, you will also need to fill out a performer form and email me for a purchase order.  
****And - if you're interested in shopping at the Scholastic Warehouse (with either ACLA funds or your library's budget) their first sale is coming up - December 9th - 21st.  They will have another one in May.  More information on that is on the wiki.