Friday, December 3, 2010

Some December Housekeeping

The dissemenation of information is really changing these days.  While some of you may be just getting into email, organizations (ACLA included) are moving away from email to services like blogs, drupal and wikis!  Boy, were WE ahead of the curve or what!  This is our 4th year using our blog and wiki!  Woohoo!  Recently, Commonwealth Libraries (like we did with our blog) decided to streamline their communication to libraries with an online newsletter (vs. sending countless emails that are soon lost.)  Now, for important information about SRC, One Book Every Young Child and other PA Youth Services info from the state, you'll now need to subscribe to the Commonwealth Libraries' Compendium.  Here is the most recent Compendium and at the bottom you will see a button to subscribe.  You'll receive the Compendium via email so it's not yet another site you have to visit for information! 

Additionally, as you may or may not also know, PA Libraries are now part of Webjunction which is a kind of hub of information, online classes and networking for PA librarians.  It's definitely something to become a part of - as recommended by Commonwealth Libraries (and me!) and it's easy to create an account and find connections all over the state. I've participated in a number of excellent FREE online workshops and classes via WebJunction so I highly recommend checking it out. 

And finally another website the state is recommending becoming a part of, is CSLP - the Collaborative Summer Library Program -  to not only gain access to the online ordering site through Upstart (where shipping is paid for!) but the website includes items that aren't available to non-members.  An early literacy manual, for example, is available (for free!) which isn't included in the 2011 SRC DVD or paper manual.  It's also another great way to network!