Saturday, December 11, 2010

Olive Juice Oliver Jeffers!

When I, in passing, mentioned my admiration for Oliver Jeffers to Kelley and Rebekah this week, I was shocked to learn that neither of them were acquainted with this magnificent author/illustrator yet.  I fell in love with Jeffers' work a few years ago when I read How to Catch a Star during one of my storytime programs.  For those of you who enjoy heartwarming books with simple, bold illustrations, Jeffers is the man for you.   His stories tackle a wide array of complex subjects with a delicate poignancy; and I've found that they really resound with listeners of all ages.  Some of my favorite titles are Lost and Found, Heart in a Bottle and the Incredible Book Eating Boy.  But, there are just so many wonderful options, I hope you can find the opportunity to fall in love with his books, that is if you haven't already!

The short video below was filmed in Jeffers's studio and it discusses his process of bringing a children's book to life.  Check it out, it is really fun!