Friday, December 3, 2010

Digital Storytelling

We love stories -- the collective "we" of humanity.

Storytelling is as old as history. Humans want to tell stories, and it makes sense that we tell our stories using the tools that are available. While "digital storytelling" might sound intimidating* at first, it's really just a natural expression of our increasingly digitized culture.     

Stories are the heart of the library. As childrens' librarians collect stories to share, we make new stories through our daily interactions kids, and we inspire and empower them to tell their own stories. So it makes perfect sense for the library to be a place where kids can learn digital storytelling skills.

Many people who are much smarter than me have already posted an abundance of digital storytelling resources on the web. Just Google "digital storytelling" for hours of fun -- you'll find various lessons, examples, inspiration, and more. Rather than overwhelm this post with links, I will just post one good introduction (recommended by Kelley B):  Digital Storytelling in a Nutshell.

In closing, I would like to share (with permission) two delightful examples of digital "fractured fairytales," created by some of my talented classmates at Pitt. I hope they inspire some incredible library programs, empowering kids to tell their own digital stories.

"Little Red in the 'Hood"

"The Man Who Looked at Feet"

* On a practical note, I would recommend exploring Storybird and VoiceThread to start. They are both really fun and easy to use tools. Enjoy!