Monday, December 27, 2010

Commonwealth Libraries Compendium

I'm reposting this email from Diana Megdad from the state:

With the end of the year approaching, it’s good to know whether you and your libraries have been receiving the Compendium!  The Compendium comes out weekly, on Thursdays, and is the Bureau’s main communication vehicle. 

Please forward a copy of the Compendium to all your libraries and explain how they can then scroll towards the bottom and subscribe if they are not now receiving it.  Any duplicate email addresses will be de-duped. 

This past issue has a holiday greeting from Deputy Secretary Clare M. Zales (click on her photo for the video).
The Compendium is archived and past issues for 2010 may be obtained at Webjunction.  Please let me know if any library is having difficulty receiving the Compendium.

Your assistance is also welcome in providing content for the Compendium.  Do you have news or a news article that you’d like to share?  Some of the most opened links are to articles about other libraries in the state.  If someone is retiring, your library has won an award, you hear about a workshop or a grant, please share!

The first five systems and the first five districts that report that all their libraries have signed up will receive a signed, hand colored certificate and mention in the Compendium!  Email me at dmegdad(at)state(dot)pa(dot)us 

Please ensure that all the libraries in your District or System have subscribed.  To subscribe, scroll down to end of the issue and click the button “Join Our Mailing List.”  It doesn’t use the word subscribe at the bottom, but clicking this button will put them on our list!