Sunday, November 7, 2010

Library Zones

I know most of you aren't currently in the midst of a renovation, neither am I, but I'm often thinking about it. Library floor plans are directly linked to evolving library services, just think how many libraries has 'teen rooms' or 'teen areas' 10 years ago? Now it's a no-brainer. But I was just reading on ALA's Tech Source Blog a Tame the Web's Michael Stephens post about library zones. It's brilliant. The library, as we know, is hosting more and varied kinds of uses. Groups, book clubs, conversation salons, people working remotely, children's classes, etc. But we also want space for good old fashioned book reading. So zones seems like a great idea. I can even imagine libraries creating zones without much renovation. Through signage and furniture, the designations could be relatively cheap. Zones like community, creativity, collaboration, curiosity. The article explains it all.