Saturday, October 30, 2010

School and Public Library Summit and the AC3A Initiative

It's imperitive, especially these days in an ever-decreasing funding climate, that school and public libraries work together.  ACLA has been working with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit to create some great opportunities to do just that.  We'd like for everyone in the public libraries (teen and children's librarians!) to be involved!  Here's what we're planning:
  1. On January 12th 2011, the AIU and ACLA are conducting an all-day summit at the AIU at the Waterfront that will bring school and public librarians together for conversation, an array of sessions on ways to collaborate, program ideas, and making summer reading work for everyone!  We'll have prizes, lunch and time for you to connect with your school librarian(s).  You can register for the event here.
  2. The Allegheny County Children's Choice Awards (AC3A) is a county-wide initiative to get kids in grades 4-6 reading and talking about books and the chance to select the best book of 2010!  Information has been shared via email and we have a nice selection of public schools already participating!  While much of the activity takes place at the schools, it's an amazing chance for you to be involved at a deeper level with your area schools.  We'll be beefing up your collections with an extra copy of each of the 10 books that make the final list.  Why not try hosting a book club at the library OR a brown bag lunch book club at the school!  Also - feel free to involve your homeschool groups!  The culminating event in the spring 2011 will be an all-day reading festival where we will promote the joy of reading, announce the winning book and get kids excited about summer reading.  If you're interested in being involved or have questions - please let me know! You know where to find me!