Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letters about Literature

"Has one book — or perhaps one author — inspired you to change your view of yourself or your world?"  

The Pennsylvania Center for the Book is sponsoring "Letters about Literature," a statewide writing contest (for kids age 9 and older) encouraging kids to write a letter telling an author how a book inspired them.  Not only is this a fun way to deeply engage reading, all state winners will be entered into a national contest for an opportunity to win some big prizes. 

While this may or may not translate into a super-cool programming idea, I'm sure you know some inspired young readers who would be interested in writing a letter.  If you think someone at your library would enjoy this contest, please encourage them to write a letter.  You can show them how to enter and read some past winning letters.  And you can learn more via the national website:  http://www.lettersaboutliterature.orgSubmissions are due December 22, 2010.  Have fun!

-- Rebekah