Monday, August 16, 2010

Updated National Library Symbol

Did you know that there's a new National Library symbol floating around?  The original image, which we all know and love was embraced waaaaaaaay back in 1985:

That's 25 years ago.  Look how much has changed since 1985 (oddly enough however and much to the horror of many, pegged pants, jelly bracelets and ankle boots have returned!) But that symbol is rather outdated, don't you think?  While it's still that 1985 image is still the official symbol, it's kind of exciting to see how the role of the library in people's lives have changed depicted in this way.  It also reflects how access to information has changed. 

-Kelley B


Vivian said...

While the new symbol is interesting, I prefer the old symbol with a book. I personally go to a library for books.