Monday, August 2, 2010

e-book summit invitation!

On Wednesday, September 29th, ACLA will be hosting a site to participate in the eBook Summit presented by Library Journal and School Library Journal.  This is FREE to ya'll (ACLA's picking up the bill) and you can experience the summit via our new Smart Board at the ACLA offices in the West End.  You can drop in for part of the day-long summit or the whole gosh-darn thing (if you're staying all day, brown-bag it!)  Here's a description:
ebooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point will bring together public libraries, academic libraries, and school libraries (K-12) in a day-long virtual conference environment. The day will be presented online and will include keynote presentations and panel discussions on the evolving concept of the book in a digital world and will keep participants future-focused and actively engaged in visioning and assuring an exciting role for libraries. Attendees will have access to webcasts and live chat rooms as well as the ability to interact with speakers and exhibitors.

 I'll be there - hope to see some of you here too!  If you'd like to follow along with the event via Twitter, here's the ebooksummit Twitter page