Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ze last post! Well, sort of... :)

Hello all!

It is very hard to believe that my internship here at ACLA is quite literally almost over.  With much rapidity, it is coming to a close, I might add.  A whole year has flown by so quickly! It's a bit on the surreal side, to say the least.  Having the opportunity to create fun and exciting blog posts has been awesome.  Truly awesome. I hope you have been able to take away some fresh, new information to apply to your library programming.  Kelley has asked me to continue blogging here and there (exciting!!!) and I certainly plan to do just that. :)  I wish you all a wonderful final month of the summer and a brilliant, fresh new start to the crisp fall season that carries throughout the year. And just like the rabbit pictured below, keep on reading and exploring.  Best wishes to everyone :)

Boy (6-7) with book and rabbit in domestic garden, side view