Friday, July 30, 2010

Technology Classes for Libraries!!!

Want to offer a new and exciting technology class for young kids and tweens in your library but aren't sure where to start?  Well, look no further than the ACLA Youth Services Wiki! Rachel and I have designed TWO technology courses for you to use as templates for just that!  Going off of the great programs offered at Darien Library, there are two courses, one for (roughly) ages 3-5, and the other for 9-12.  Each class has its own lesson plan template and PowerPoint presentation that  you can edit/change to fit both your needs and those of the patrons in your particular community. 

For the 3-5 class, the lesson covers:

  • basic computer parts
  • how to log on to the computer,
  • how to be safe
  • offers suggestions for some fun websites to visit for games and information. 
 For the 9-12 class, the lesson focuses on:

  •  how to use Microsoft Office Documents and PowerPoint
  • social networking
  • Google Docs
  • Safe searching
  • fun and educational websites

We have also created a pamphlet that covers the basics for each class that you can hand out to the parents/guardians and kids at the end of the program. 

AND, every parent wants to know that their child is safe while using the internet for school projects or for fun. As librarians, we are in the perfect position to help teach parents about internet safety and lead them to resources that they can use to make their child's internet experience positive and safe. To help you in this endeavor, Rachel and I have created an Internet Safety Pamphlet and an Internet Safety Bookmark that can be reproduced and printed off to be distributed in your library!  You can edit them however you like, or use the ideas from it to create one of your own! 

Remember, you can find all of this information on the Youth Services Wiki- Technology- Technology Classes!! We hope they are helpful and enjoyable for both you and your patrons! Have a great day, and Happy Friday!!!