Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shaler North Hills Library! Summer Programming FUN! :)

Hello, all!

Lindsey and I had the chance to visit some libraries recently, one of which was Shaler North Hills!  We checked out the Preschool craft time summer reading program, and it was awesome!  There were lots of super fun activities planned all around the lovely letter X today! Dani had lots of fun activities planned for the program: we sang songs, did some fun dancing with shakers and cool music, went on a treasure hunt (X marks the spot!) and of course, read fun books involving the letter X!  It was a very fun story time that everyone seemed to enjoy quite a bit.   We were able to take lots of awesome photos...enjoy, library friends!

Dani and the kiddos are ready for a super cool treasure hunt!


Awesome summer reading prizes!! Woohoo!

The very sweet children's room :)

all kinds of books! yay!

Children's Librarian Extraordinaire Dani leading a fabulous storytime! Woohoo!