Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Northland Public Library's Crafty Fridays!!

On Friday, Rachel and I had the opportunity to visit the BEAUTIFUL Northland Public Library's children's department! For summer reading, children's librarian Susan Brennan runs a "Crafty Fridays!" program from 9:30 till 11:00 for children ages pre-school through fifth grade to come in and make a craft. Today's craft was these cute little Alligator puppets, that can also be used as a bookmark!

Kids and their parents came in and out all morning, and Sue, Rachel and I made many little crocodiles with young patrons.  Sue had pre-cut the supplies, and the main task of the children was to glue the project together and add their own little flair to their crocodiles' face and mouth.  Sue noted that last week's project was much more elaborate, but this was a great crafty for many of the young children who came in the library on this day.  We had many little crocodile puppets flapping around the children's section when we were done!

Most children that came in had their Summer Reading bags with them full of great books!! After one little boy was done with his craft, he asked his mom to take him to the fishing book section.  His mom told me that her kids love non-fiction!  And there are many non-fiction water-themed books out there, so for this family the summer reading theme was a success!!

Check out the rest of the photos from our visit to Northland on ACLA's Flickr page! Does your library have a great program for summer reading?  Send us an email so we can come visit and blog about the exciting programs happening @your library!!