Friday, July 23, 2010

A Morning with the ACLA Bookmobile!

On Tuesday, Rachel and I had the opportunity to hang out with Becky Sabol and Roxanne Schnarrenberger of the ACLA Bookmobile!  On this particular day they were heading out to the Tender Care in Jefferson Hills.  Before we left, Becky showed us her collection on the bus.  She said that she has tried (and succeeded, in our opinion!) to create a collection that fits the needs and wants of her young patrons.

The first stop at Tender Care was the Toddler classroom.  The kids were so excited to see Becky enter with her bag of books and other fun games!  They all sat down on a rug with their teachers, and enjoyed themselves as Becky read about the farm. They also enjoyed singing songs and dancing around.  One of their favorites was the Popcorn Song!

After storytime, the toddlers were lead onto the bus to pick out books to read.  Their teacher checks out the books, and they are kept at the daycare for the kids to enjoy until the Bookmobile comes again!

Our second class was the Preschool room.  They also enjoyed hearing the book about the farm, and sang the ABC song with Becky and their teachers!

Overall, it was a great morning, and we are thankful to have been able to tag along for the ride! Check out the rest of the fun with the Bookmobile on ACLA's Flickr page!


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