Friday, July 2, 2010

Michelle Obama and Summer Reading

Marilyn (ACLA's head-honcho) recently sent me one of those articles about summer reading chocked-full of the kind of support we librarians need to hear - especially in the thick of SRC and the ramped-up programming!   

We are doing great work, vital to our communities!  

While we all should know that, it's always encouraging to read new studies that provide empirical support for what we do each June, July and August (it's also great to collect these kinds of articles and stats and research for grant applications.  I have a whole grantresearch tag on Delicious where I keep all those kinds of studies and articles to draw on as we approach summer reading grant-writing.)   This one is written by Ron Fairchild who is the chief executive officer of the National Summer Learning Association (another great spot for stats and research about how important the work we do during the summer really is) and in it, I learned that our own First Lady has launched an initiative that supports summer reading and programming: United We Serve: Let's Read! Let's Move!  It's a program that works to expand literacy and health-related opportunities for kids. 

Here's a video of Michelle Obama's call to action:

This brings up an issue I've been wrestling with the past few years related to summer reading and that's making a county-wide concerted effort to bring more low-income children into the program.  This is somewhat related to Ing's recent post about some of the deeper questions of our summer reading programs.  And I'll be interested in the conversations that arise here on the blog and at our yearly SRC Wrap-Up meeting on September 13th.  I'd like to start thinking about this and other bigger questions about summer reading and make some changes reflective of some of the answers for SRC 2011.  What do you think?