Thursday, July 8, 2010

Live Binders

Hey everyone!!  Hope the summer is going's a fun Web 2.0 tool that might just provide a bit of inspiration!

Live Binders "your three ring binder to the web," is an interesting new way to organize your things online.  Similar to the social bookmarking site delicious, this tool is a super cool and highly interactive way to organize your web-based resources. In addition to the ability to make your own virtual three ring binder, you can also explore the different categories of binders available for browsing.  While leafing through some of these, I was able to find some pretty great information on topics like Web 2.0 projects, Virtual Summer Camp, and Summer Reading Fun!  There are also a lot of resources that would be great for programming during the school year months, which is definitely something to keep in mind for the very near future!  Check out Live Binders here and enjoy exploring a new Web 2.0 feature!  Also check out the Livebinders Blog--it's filled with tons of great information, and will also give you some insight into the function of livebinders.

Enjoy! :)

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