Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cool Summer Reading Contest!

Hey everyone!  I hope your summer reading programs have gotten off to a good start.  :)  I recently read about a contest to be held at Sewickley Public Library this summer--it sounds AWESOME!  This super spectacular, highly interactive event is the All-Ages Photo Safari.  What a great and beautifully creative way to involve patrons of all interests, ages, and backgrounds, in the excitement that is Summer Reading. I can't wait to hear how it all unfolds.

Portrait of a young woman taking a photograph from a digital camera Model Release: Yes Property Release: NA

Here's the basic run-down of the Photo Safari: each week during summer reading, patrons are given a word or idea that they must depict in a series of photographs.  At the end of summer reading, all participants are entered to win a family fun night out! 

What a fantastic way to develop a collection of amazing photos taken by the community, while pulling in so many different people of varying interests and life experiences.  Very cool indeed :)