Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another fun new technology tool!

Portrait of a schoolboy making a presentation with a skeletonWhile leafing through blogs recently, I learned about another super cool, very useful technology tool, called Prezi. The wonderful blog, The Committed Sardine, posted all about Prezi in their Digital Diet Small Bytes series of informative mini e-books that provide the latest info on recent technology developments. To check out this mini guide (which is sooo super informative and packed with tons of helpful information, by the way!) click here. The basic account is free, and one of the coolest things about this tool is that it you are able to work on your presentation from any computer, at any time. Once you are finished with a presentation, you can select publishing options or imbed your work into a blog post.  So, it appears to be a very convenient tool to use! Always a good thing :)  Prezi is used for creating presentations that go above and beyond your typical slide show, with a zooming technique that creates a visually appealing, jazzed up version of a regular slide show. Neat!  Check out more about this awesome tool here.  Enjoy!