Monday, June 14, 2010

Using Your Flip Camera in Fun Ways

Many of our libraries got Flip Cameras after attending a Library Futures Workshop in 2008 where Michael Stephens of Tame the Web fame and Thomas Frye from The DaVinci Institute. Flip video cameras, which aren't very expensive at all to buy (if you didn't get one) have the potential to be part of some of your library's best PR.  Because of its price and its intuitive design, libraries are doing all kinds of cool things with them like:
  • buying a few to check out to patrons (gasp!)
  • create videos of quarterly staff recommendations to put onto your website
  • interview patrons about the library and use the clips to create a movie montage of how much your community values your library (great to use with legistators!)
  • do a walking tour of the library to give your community (and those outside your community) a sense of the space before they even get there
  • film fun programs to promote all the cool things your library offers
  • film a monthly 'fireside chat' with the director
  • create programs around movie-making with tweens and teens
  • create 'book trailers' for your newest additions to the collection
  • instead of a static text FAQ - act one out with volunteeers
  • offer the incentive of a video interview to children participating in summer reading
  • create a game show to use during school visits
  • get your Flip(s) customized like this (branding's the way to go!)

The possibilities are endless....