Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talk Story: Sharing stories, sharing culture

Hello everyone!

So...recently Kelley B forwarded me a website from another librarian by the name of Kelly (I know, I know, so many super awesome fantastic librarians by the name of Kelley/Kelly!) former ACLA Youth Services Intern (!!!) and current YA librarian at Sewickley Public Library.  Anyhow, this ongoing program, Talk story: Sharing stories, sharing cultures is a really amazing initiative and fabulous resource for all.  It is so super, and provides information for some really incredible resources.

This is a superb literacy program that is built around the concept of sharing stories and culture and related resources, so as to provide Asian American Pacific (APA) and American Indian/Alaskan Native (AIAN) children and families with resources that explore their stories and culture.

Comprehensive in scope, the program's website provides TONS of great titles and reliable resources that would be good for children and families.  For example, there are booklists for both APA resources and AIAN resources, that explore the stories and cultures of both groups of people, and the different ethnicities within these two larger groups that are covered. As if that isn't just plain sweet in and of itself, the lists are categorized according to age (i.e. Elementary, Young Adult, etc.)  So, the book lists are very easy to navigate and all of the books have been selected and chosen by the American Indian Library Association and the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association.  Very cool and very informative!

On the left-hand side of the site, there are also a list of highlights that link to some very useful resources and helpful tips, such as: tips for selecting books and resources for librarians.  The latter is particularly awesome, because there are a WHOLE BUNCH of links to some truly great resources that could be oh so helpful to an information specialist who is seeking quality resources to expand her own knowledge base, or provide patrons with high quality information.  That's what we do! Further, there is a portion of the site dedicated to storytime ideas.  There's a wealth of information available there that might just provide a nice smidget of inspiration if you are in search of some fresh ideas! :)

This literacy initiative offers an absolute ton of helpful, reliable info. I hope you decide to check it out, and pass it on to others!