Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Delivery

This week our Allegheny County District Librarians will be receiving a few great things in delivery:
  • 2 vouchers for Pirates Tickets that you may give away or raffle off through your Summer Reading Club.  Other forms are available here;
  • Some bookmarks to go along with the Pirates Tales program to have available for patrons this summer;
  • Moe's coupons! You can use these in whatever way fits best into your SRC.  However, they are only to be given to children in K-5th grades;
  • and finally, 2 posters advertising our Read to Win program which is part of the county's SRC.  This goes along with the Moe's coupons and the SRC grand prize: a $500 shopping spree at the Mall @ Robinson
Two things to note:
  • I mentioned waaaaaay back in the spring that we're offering an incentive to each library who increases their registration by 15%.  Near the end of the summer, we'll be creating a survey for interested libraries to fill out with your registration totals and from that list, we'll do a drawing for a library to win a FREE Moe's Nacho Party!  And let me tell you, Moe's throws a GREAT nacho party! It would be a great addition to any SRC Closing party!  More info on that coming soon!
  • For the Mall at Robinson Shopping Spree raffle, this year we're streamlining it.  No additional forms to fill out.  Every kid in K-5th who registers for SRC at any county location, will be entered automatically.  Each location then, at the end of summer, will randomly choose one of your registrants (either by hand or through eVanced) and you'll send that name and contact info to me and I'll do a drawing from those names.