Monday, June 21, 2010

I Miss Storytimes

I admit it.  I miss planning and doing storytimes.  I did them briefly when I worked part-time up in Sewickley's Children's Department.  So when I'm reading new children's books to keep my toe in the collection development pool, I often spend a few minutes daydreaming about how I would use the book in a storytime.  I came across a book yesterday that gave me the giggles - that's always a good sign.  It usually means it's a book that's going to give kids the giggles too!  It's Guess Again by Marc Barnett. 

In silly rhyme (be still my heart!) Barnett offers clues to shadowy or hidden figures and when you turn the page, you learn what it really is.  And it definitely wasn't what you thought it was!  For example, The first page of the book reads:

He steals carrots from the neighbor's yard.
His hair is soft, his teeth are hard.
His floppy ears are long and funny.
Can you guess who?  that's right!  My

Grandpa Ned!

See how it goes?  It's full of very silly surprises indeed.  There's a viking, a scary dentist, abominable snow monsters and Grandpa Ned even makes an encore appearance.  I can imagine this book becoming a kind of tradition in my storytimes - some librarians have songs they sing at each program, whereas I would have a book.  This one.  And we'd start every storytime with some big belly laughs!


Moon Library Kids said...

I did an ENTIRE storytime around this book! FANTABULOUS!