Saturday, June 12, 2010

Highlights of the Mini-Conversation: Great Family Programming

Waaaaay back in April we had a mini-workshop with Dolores from Brentwood Library who's had some great success with her big family programs.  There's an art to the family program as it needs to appeal to a wide range of ages.  Dolores had a few tips on creating one:
  • If possible, schedule it when the library's closed; that way, you have all the space you need and it makes the program even more special for families.
  • Evenings and Saturdays work well in many communities
  • Stations is the way to go! (create a handful of different stations, like a craft area, a scheduled storytime, food and games
  • ask for ages at the point of registration so you can be sure to plan something for everyone
  • promote the programs during school visits to get kids excited
  • Dolores gets a good deal of her programs while she's out shopping (can we say that's work time? : )
  • Be sure to choose really engaging books for the storytime; one that involves the kids
  • Also look to Family fun and Pack-o-Fun magazines for ideas
  • involve any teen staff so that teens can have something cool to do too!