Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A great summer read: We are the Ship

Well, summer is finally (almost) here, and we all know what that means!! Picnics, swimming, and BASEBALL!!  This fun sport is often called "America's favorite pasttime" and for good reason.  Families can get together and enjoy a game at a beautiful ball park, eating lots of fun foods and enjoying the weather and a good sport.

One great book about baseball that I recently read for my course "Multicultural Resources" was We Are the ShipThis engaging and beautifully illustrated text follows the story of the Negro Baseball League from its conception in 1920 until its heydey in the 1940s.  Author Kadir Nelson is a internationally recognized artist, and has proved with this book that he is an amazing writer as well. Readers will enjoy the conversational style of the text, and the chapters are separated into "innings." This is a great book for kids ages 9 and up to read on their own, or for families to read together.

So, why not suggest that patrons read the book as a family and then check out a game at the beautiful PNC Park?  And, don't forget to encourage them to participate in Pirates Tales so they can win free tickets to a game!