Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun with Miss Dolores!! Summer Programs at Brentwood

Recently, Rachel and I had the AMAZING opportunity to sit-in on one of Dolores Colarosa's summer reading programs at Brentwood library. We were there at the best time of the year, the kick-off of SUMMER READING!!  As soon as you walk in the library, little frogs on the floor guide you to the summer reading registration table.

The table is staffed by volunteers who work to create excitement about the summer reading program for all ages. In this photo, volunteer Sydney Luther, daughter of library director Dennis Luther, sits surrounded by beautiful water-themed summer reading materials and happily registers all patrons for the programs.

Dolores has created some super fun and exciting story times with the summer reading theme of Make a SPLASH@your Library.  She has chosen many books that compliment the theme and allow her to use her amazing voice talents as well. Rachel and I thought that many of the sounds and voices she used in her reading referenced the techniques presented by the Noise Guy at Summer Reading Training on April 1st.  

The story time we attended was for toddlers, and included many fun and interactive games and songs in addition to the stories.  One of the stories that showed off her "sound" talents was Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.  She used a shark hand puppet and had the kids repeat the refrain in the book in a deep scary shark-like voice, and the children loved every minute of it.

Following the story, Dolores had the parents and kids stand up for a game in which the parents lifted up the kids and swung them back and forth like a bell!  The kids loved it, and the parents did too (for the most part!). 

At the end of the story time, Dolores made sure to remind all the parents to sign up their kids for SRC 2010!  She gives out the fun (and scent-free) bags right when they sign up as an incentive to return to the library and fill it with great books to read and enjoy at home. The excitement over the bags is clear in this picture, in which one young library patron happily models her very own Summer Reading bag.

To check out some more great pictures from our experience at Brentwood, check out the set Brentwood Library makes a SPLASH on ACLA's Flickr account!  Do you have some fun and exciting summer programs planned?  Share your ideas on the blog and your pictures on Flickr! Or, let us know if you have some exciting programs that you would like us to attend and photograph for the blog or Flickr.  Let's make this one of the best Summer Reading Programs EVER for all our county children!


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