Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few More Titles from My Loooooon Summer-to-Read-for-the-Kiddos List

Each summer, I create a massive (and completely unrealistic) list of books to read.  Summer's my favorite time of all to read (as is winter, spring and fall!) so I get pretty excited to prepare for that perfect read on the beach, at home on the porch or in bed late at night when I should be sleeping.  It's the time of year when I try hard (and usually succeed) to reclaim some of that lost childhood-summer-magic and remember long-forgotten imaginary worlds.  Here are a few of the children's titles I just finished reading this week that have taken me back:

Speaking of magic childhood summers, The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis is a delightful romp back to the times of imaginary animals, playing pretend and naming the woods behind your house Fairywood (I'm guilty of that!)  Two mischievous gals set off on an adventure and return with a Bog Baby.  Though they give it a lovely home, it misses the bog and lessen learned that wild things should stay wild (like children!)

Have You Ever Seen a Sneep?  I'm pretty sure I have, especially back in Fairywood (read: Dormont)  Picnics, reading outside, swinging on a rope.  Pure summery goodness.  Add in a sneaky sneep, gullock and floon and the magic begins. 

Being an Air Force pilot was what put a glimmer in my eye at night falling asleep as a kid.  I dreamed of flying fighter jets and then Top Gun came along and I dreamed of Tom Cruise instead.  But Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero dreams of saving the world.  Tall order but it makes for a picture book on detail-overload and high adventures around the globe.