Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arrrrre you ready for summer fun?!?

Summer reading fun is underway! Yay!  There are so many awesome programs occurring in libraries to encourage kids to get reading and continue this fun throughout the summer.  I have found that one topic so many kids of so many different ages LOVE is...pirates, of course!  Pirates take on a certain fantastical element that appeals to so many kids of varying interests, plus they go along very nicely with the summer reading theme "Make a Splash @ Your Library!"  So introduce some pirate books at all ages and to all different types of readers, and dive into a fun-filled summer!

Young Readers/Listeners:

Pegleg Tango, by Captain Bogg and Salty

A well-reviewed collection of pirates themed songs, this would be a super musical pick for elementary school kids! The songs are very sing-along friendly, and will create a fun atmosphere for listeners.  Spark kids' interest in pirate-related books with this choice!

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris....A wonderful pick for littles ones!  Beautifull illustrated and imaginative, the youngest audience will be captivated by this super fun story.  Plus, the book comes with a super fun audio CD that will add to the what is surrrrre to be a grreat storytime!


Pirate School by Cathy East Dubowski and Mark Dubowski

A very book that would be a great pick for beginner readers!  Well-imagined and bright with awesome cartoon illustrations, this read will delight elementary school age kids and capture the attention of many.

Middle School/Young Adult:

A Thousand Years of Pirates by William Gilkerson

This would be a great pick for older readers.  Filled with facts all about famous pirates and interesting, quirky facts, kids will surely enjoy this read.  Plus, there are lots of awesome paintings throughout the book that add a nice visual component, potentially drawing in a pretty wide audience.

Another great pick by Gilkerson would be the oh-so captivating Pirate's Passage, recipient of the 2006 Governor General's Literacy Award for Children's Literature.