Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A few months ago, I introduced you to a little free online tool called Wordle.  I shared a few text-based-images I created to show you how powerful this kind of depiction can be.  Recently, the libraries in Allegheny County were asked to share with our local government funding source (RAD) a kind of defense of libraries.  And of course, like librarians do, we rallied and came up with the fundamental reasons that libraries exist and should always exist.  Last night I realized that document would be a perfect fit for Wordle and here it is:

Doesn't it kind of speak to you?  Like, right off the bat you see 'Libraries Provide Public Information and Community.'  I love it!  And then you see people, support, development, help, educational, and regional.  And then all the rest of those powerful words: young, soul, arts, encourage, skills, belongs and serves.  Pretty great stuff we do at our libraries, eh?