Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!

Award-winning children's book author and naturalist April Pulley Sayre's award-winning title, Turtle Turtle, Watch Out!  is back in print! Yay!  This is one visually engaging tale that is full of interesting facts, and is sure to captivate the attention of even the youngest audience during storytime. 

With such an emphasis on ecological awarness and reconnecting today's kids with the natural environment, this colorful book is sure to be a hit. The text's soft illustrations and simple refrain "Turtle, turtle, watch out!" convey to the reader the exciting and perilous journey of the life cycle of the well-loved sea turtle. It's an exciting and extremely important journey, one that each its kind must undertake in order to continue the cycle of life for these ancient, and endangered, magnificent creatures.  The Wonderful World of PlanetEsme is a GREAT! blog that frequently offers reviews of recent publications, and this non-fiction title was described as "...a solid example of the best in its genre, creating interest and empathy in the natural world, while telling a compelling tale, and what a pleasure to find non-fiction that reads aloud so smoothly!" Check out the whole review (and blog!) here

Finally, one last review that is posted on on Sayre's website, that I think really synthesizes the core messages and beautiful artwork throughout the book:

"Dangers threaten the survival of sea turtles at every stage in their lives...beautiful pictures in watercolor, gouache, and pastels illustrate many of these risky situations, and the narrative describes how people are working to minimize these threats...A good read-aloud or read-along choice for environmental awareness." 
-Frances E. Millhouser, School Library Journal 

I hope you decide to  explore a perhaps different spin on storytime by choosing a non-fiction title that is both engaging and fun for a young audience.  Non-fiction resources can ROCK! when used in super creative and hands-on ways.  Enjoy!   :)