Thursday, May 27, 2010

iphone Apps for Kids

The iphone- and smart phones in general- is changing the way we work, live and parent!  Here are some of my the best apps for kids out there:

Flash Tables
I learned about this one just this morning when The Pioneer Woman blogged about using it with her kids.  She homeschools and offers some amazing tips on using technology with her kids.  But this app takes flash cards for math to the next level.  It's even fun!

Free!  And fun for adults AND kids!
When visiting friends recently, their sweet 3 year-old Cassidy couldn't part with my phone.  Wish I had had this app for her!
Toddler Teasers - Shapes
Another educational and fun app for little ones.
iTot Toddler Flash Cards
More flash cards.  With words this time.
Alphabet Animals
Great for toddlers.  Animation and sounds!

Mad Libs Lite
If you're over 30, you know all about Mad Libs and this one is perfect for long car trips!

iSign Alphabet
The whole Sign Language alphabet with hand images.
Wacky Safari
Crazy safari games with sounds, games and jokes!


Shannon said...

I love this post! So much that I was planning on doing a very similar one for the Scott blog in June. I'm sure there is plenty of fun/useful apps out there for kids. And much to keep them entertained and learning on those long car trips this summer.

Jembe said...

There is a free, ad supported version of Wacky Safari available called"A Wacky Safari Free." Happy Summer!!

Lindsey said...

Great post Kelley!! But check this out: Now kids are creating the apps themselves!!

John Tubbs said...

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