Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great picks for a bilingual storytime!

Buenos Dias! Hope you all are having a superb day!  Here are some great picks for a bilingual storytime in Spanish/English.  I have used a couple of them in storytimes in the past when teaching kids Spanish, and they loved them!  La oruga muy hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) is an especially great choice, because kids can make the connections between a well-loved book in English and the Spanish text.  It's great to read the English version of this one first, and then follow it up with the Spanish. Hope this little list proves to be useful!  :)
  • La oruga muy hambrienta/The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
What a super book!  This classic story by Eric Carle is beautifully told in this Spanish language version of the text.  It's especially wonderful because kids can take the story and illustrations they already know well and love, and learn some new words.  In addition to the little ones who would surely enjoy this pick, this is an especially great book for vocabulary building with older children as well.  The simple sentence structure and heavy vocabulary use make for a great learning opportunity. :)
  • Mis Numeros and Mis Animales by Rebecca Emberley~ A great set of board books that includes these titles as well as some other great books about related subjects.  School Library Journal reviews that these books are filled with great, bold and eye-catching illustrations, very suitable for small children.  Spectacular colors, simple, catchy language...sounds like a fantastic pick for little patrons!!!

  • Tortillas y Cancioncitas/Tortillas and Lullabies by Lynn Reiser, pictures by 'Corazones Valientes'
This is an absolutely beautiful picture book, a fantastic pick for a fun storytime.  The text is both in English and Spanish, making for an easy transition between the two langugages. There is a lovely component of family rituals and intergenerational connection that provides for a great rhythm throughout the book. The artwork is decidedly Central American in style, as the illustrations are painted in folk art tradition, the visually stunning result of a collaborative effort by six Costa Rican women.  Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy the brilliant, beautiful colors that flow throughout the story. 

  • Carlos y el Zorrillo/Carlos and the Skunk by Jan Romero Stevens, illustrated by Jeanne Arnold
Both funny and visually engaging with colorful illustrations, this is a great pick for storytime.  This is the third of a set all about main character Carlos and his many adventures.  Written in both Spanish and English, this book also makes for a more accessible transition between languages.

I hope you have enjoyed these small snippet reviews, and decide to incorporate these and related titles into your next storytime!  :)