Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Trailers

This week, I learned about Book Trailers from a great blog about children's literature and music I recently discovered (incidentally, I had the privilege of attending graduate school with this delightful blog-author at Notre Dame where we both got our MFAs in Poetry.)  It's called Please Come Flying which is a great line taken from a Marianne Moore poem.  Josephine posted both of these Book Trailers on her blog and I'm posting them here for your pleasure.  I'm really into them and I think using one form of media to promote another is a good thing!

and this one!


Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks for the mention, Kelley. I have to say the Gaiman book is really cool and if it weren't for the trailer, I probably wouldn't have rushed out to get it. So the whole book trailer thing must work (on me, at least!)